Love Song-23

a song—shoegaze—key of A

i want to be your mountain high
i want to be your valley low
see the whispers in your eyes
take you where the lilacs grow
i want to drink your sweat in bottles
we're gonna fall down like the rain
i'm gonna get you to abandon me
on the roadside yet again

i wonder how you're made a prophet—
how God could keep you in his hand
you are the church, you are the steeple
that keeps this feeling on in men
we're gonna trek along the garden
see the forest and the snow
we'll feel the colours and the patterns
and see the Christmas lights and how they glow

i want to eat your crucifixion
i want to bear your cross and nails
i'm gonna go and change the weather
be the umbrella for hail;
i'll keep the water from your forehead
i'll bend my knees and rub your feet
you can take me, you can draw me
my blood is there for all to see

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