Detroit Princess

a song in the key of E

the littleness of your black dress
shows me nothing but the crest
from your smile and rosy buds
of sumac lips
your shoulders pulled so taught in style
are deadly curves that make me smile
through the glass of gin i sip
while i scope your hips

your blonde hair on The Detroit Princess
sitting like a timid mistress
cowering by the heating vent
as it waits for more
the moonlight up behind the clouds
is glistening so up and proud
the moonbeams pouring from your eyes
fill my pours

i'm crazy but i can't complain
the beauty of the midnight wains
it's for you
the rainwater goes down the drain,
the thunder rolls, the angels frame
the sweet truth

though centuries of hurried waiting
finally gone contemplating
wond'ring if i'd grab your hand
you simply laughed
drove you home, you said before
you missed the lights on 94
the halo for your tired head
was taken back

the elements of sunny days
just threw all the cares away
drove to Lansing, who can say
if you thought of me
the carousel of tired eyes
left me with not great surprise
the telephone is not my friend
when i cannot sleep

a quarry for the crushed concrete
undeserved but very sweet
to nestle you
the drive home on the city streets
reminiscent of the feats
we wandered through

the hushness of the storm is tired
miles apart, our mouths are wired
to piano keys we know that we both
cannot play
the grimly sickled Detroit weeds
make me weezy, make me sneeze
make me wonder simply why
i miss your face

well on your way across the state
remember me; the way i made
you a rhythm for you feet:
i can't escape

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