ex poeta

Look at this world—
our world—
to what our Begetters made
all those years ago:

The lushness of the green that they knew
so very well
has been replaced by dryness—
grey, brown, black—
and the air they breathed so crisply
has been tainted with smog and thick
blinding smoke—
our eyes can only take so much
of the haze
before they close for all time.

Upon their Fall Adoshem took His fist
and struck the Garden down,
for if His creations could not
no one could;
the walls crumbled and the Gate collapsed
into the ground, causing dust to burst in the air
blocking Man’s sights.

We only know what they have told us
of the Garden
and the Fall—
only what they wish for us to learn
about obeying.

Still, this poet sings of disorder
in the name of love:

Take away the dire shifting of love
from Mother Eve—her Fall the embodiment
of a bond to Adam, more alive than any bond
to Adoshem, than any bond to a Garden
(now ruined).

Though they write her as weak,
but she was the strongest of all:

She led us out of a tawdry place
where pleasures of the eye and lips reined
over feelings, emotion,
and love;

She grabbed our wrists and led us to something beyond divine—
something with a greater force than
any of the horrid things
we have made since.

Look now:
the reason for the Fall has been lost
and we will Fall again—
how God can rip them from their home
but keep us here with our greatest disobedience
terrifies this poet;
what will He do to our souls
when He has them in His grasp
after our demise?

Look now:
see the visions of Mother Eve
lost as so many other Fruits sprouted
from so many other Trees—
each one a little tempting
to pluck and sink our teeth
into them;

We cannot taste what sweetness
lies within these Temptations—
for there is none to be had.

Look now:
look at what causes our Falls,
what will cause our Banishments from any Garden,
any Heaven found somewhere on this Earth
or beyond:


Seven: beyond seven.

These Falls are nothing
in the eyes of the Begetters—
they left hand-in-hand
but we just crush the bones of others
with our clenching fists.

Look at what we have made ourselves.

Look at what our world has become.

Look at how we let it fall.

now remember Eve
and the means of her Fall—

Earth itself was an Eden
when she and Adam had their love.

We took the Earth from them in time
and tore their pleasures from them
with every future passing
of the Human name.

We have no riverside by which to lay.

We have no brush in which to hide.

We can see our sins.

God can see our sins.

Adam and Eve can see our sins
in their perches above
and (strangely) I can hear them weep:
“How did they Fall?”

Dear Man, we have Fallen
but not upon the bed of sweetness that they did.

Let us rise
let us make
this Earth an Eden;
let us make
our Mother and Father see
that their Fall was not in vein
but in love.

Let us rise up again
so that we may Fall.


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