Teasers from Two Essays-in-Progress

From “The Poetic Paradox”

A poem is not a means of presenting a solution to the problems with Humanity; a poem is only a manner of presenting an image, moment, or emotion that may or may not present a problem. We are not politicians; we are only messengers on behalf of the Self, which may or may not be embedded in the Collective.

* * * * *

The only concern a poet must have in his or her personal connection with their verse is the modification of the Saying—a poet in his or her own right cannot change what to say, only the manner in which to say it. The markings of a red pen can only change the means of Expression—not the Expression itself.

From “The Duality of Being”

The ideal condition of the Collective, of course, is to meld itself in such a manner to allow the Individual to Be—to allow for the satisfaction of those basic primal Needs to let the Individual become a true Self without concern for simply Living—only for Being.

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