The Duality of Being [Part IV]

The Collective for the Individual

The purpose of the Collective now stands to be tested, as One needs to understand why we who deserve to Be are entangled among the Collective can in any manner benefit from doing so. As Individuals, we embed ourselves in the Collective, but I for one have to believe that it is for more than a simple basic Human Need to meld together. Because Living is the basic foundation of both Doing and Being, and the need to bond together is such a basic need, the simplicity of the two must be significant in the Human invention that is the Collective.

The Units that we create all form to satisfy some Need that we as Humans have. The point of Units is to allow an Individual to grow, to survive by learning the skills and motives needed to Live. Through learning, adaptation, and forming a Collective, Humans bypass the Individual within themselves to be simply Human: a mortal whose only concern is to remain as much, neglecting any developed notion of Doing and—most disturbingly—Being.

If we are a highly evolved species as we are led to believe, we must be able to transcend the notion of simply Living and focus on Being. However, because we are indeed mortal with primal needs that we cannot ignore, there must be a method for us to satisfy such things and allow us to Live to allow us to Do which then allows us to Be.

It is an evolution of sorts: how we go from simply trying to Live, to figuring out how to Do to continue Living, and, finally, how we are able to Do for the Self, or Be. We, being ingenious, have to have found a way to at least keep Living with a desire for Being. What keeps us Living to continue the evolution to Being?

The answer is the Collective.

The purpose of the Collective—if Human Existence remains true to history—comes about when One considers the means of Living. The Collective works to provide the means to allow Humans to Live—at least, it is supposed to. The ideal condition of the Collective, of course, is to meld itself in such a manner to allow the Individual to Be—to allow for the satisfaction of those basic primal Needs to let the Individual become a true Self without concern for simply Living—only for Being. This ideal condition is one of the closest that we as a Collective will ever have as a Collective Ideal. When contemplating this ideal, all other ideals are brought into a better, more profound and understanding light: Why does the Collective shun those who do harm onto others? Because it interferes with ones Living. Why does the Collective frown upon taking that which does not belong to One? Because it takes away the means with which One can Live. It goes on and on in an eternal desire to see the Collective live on for the sake of the Individual. The Collective is nothing without the Individual. The Individual is nothing without the Collective.

The Collective allows the Individual to Be by satisfying the means to Live. Thus beginning the evolution that continuously molds itself to create something wonderful for the sake of Being—those who be should be allowed to Do so with little concern for simply Living.

One must expound the Self beyond Living, and the Collective allows for such If the Collective Does its proper function, we, as Individuals can Be.


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