black-rimmed catch phrases posted up
with crimped paper, i know i have a bird on the corner
but no one seems to mind its squawking
until i say a word. but hey, who knew that i would not end up
in the corner because i incorrectly thought the metal casing for
the light fixtures curved out from the ceiling just enough
to let me pass rolled-up sheet through—i’ll admit i’m no good with knots
but this one doesn’t have to hold too long: only two three minutes
tops, as long as i can leap from my desk
and resist the urge to sway my legs over for help, solid ground
while i count my pennies in my head inside your used coffee can;
i like to feel the stiffness around my neck,
maybe enough so i can vomit or cry and let every ugly thing
spew from my body—i have a black suit, so everything will show—
i will like the stiffness for one more time, the last time
and let the stiffness hold me forever until i am found:
i love my darkblue bed sheets: they are sturdy, strong, reliable
and they can always hold me—around, tightly,
but mostly up and tightly.

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