Red Wine

a song—folk—key of G#

here's the wine with his name
here's the dime for his carnival games
that i found on the pier
while the carousel's song is near
all the horses are white
all the poles are golden bright
now i think of the time
we drank so much communion wine

it's that time of night

here's the pond, Mary Jane
where the frogs and ducks lay their eggs
and we brought ourselves here
to keep up on drinking our fear
in the form of Merlot
but we have no idea where to go
water's still, grass is firm
but the wine is beginning to burn

it's that time of night

one more time, we will drink
and we'll wonder what our mothers think
when we end up asleep
within one another's bed sheets
covered in red Merlot
in the morning, we've no place to go
not a glass to our names
so good day, my sweet Mary Jane

it's that time of night

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