The September Sonnets: V

a song—folk—key of C#m

Jesus was the king of the Brandywine River where His father laid him down
seeing just the moon in little white sliver, he jumped in and he drowned
he rose again on the third day and his mother took him home
she didn't know what to say to bring the fire back to his bones

but he breathed again, letting her know that he's okay
and she screamed AMEN! as he got up and ran out to play

Judas was conceived in a big red farmhouse where he played with fire stones
his sister was whore, his brother was a louse, and his dad made shifty loans
he looked up, he looked around and saw Jesus playing well
he set up, he hit the ground and thought of a story to tell

and he breathed again, thinking of how to earn his keep
and he screamed AMEN! before bathing and going back to sleep

Jesus breathed again before the nail went through his wrists
Judas said AMEN! when forsaken he fell on the Devil's list

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