Les Quatre Nobles Vérités [Part IV]

IV. Dukkha Nirodha Gamini Patipada Magga



starlit echos tantalize the
eyes; the pupils dilate, they
open wide. the water drifts to
show the temp’rate kisses that we
scorn obtusely. deadly symbols
scare away our hands; they kill us
dead with beauty—blinding us
evermore with fleshy torches.


kisses always kisses; always
aimed at lips instead of hips and
bones. when minds align they cherish—
hearts denied remember only
hurt. but how does recollection
make intention? understand the
body, understand the mind and
think of double, not of single.



girls, rejoice! the boys are here—they
want to play! and said they’ll travel
arm in arm to pick the flowers
growing tall beside the river!
boys, rejoice! the girls said yes!—they
said that we could grab their hands to
follow them and kiss them by the
riverside! to pluck their flowers!


Annabelle came home one day to
find her husband naked. then he
said profusely are you my wife?
Annabelle conceded it; she
buttoned down her blouse and skirt. he
fell asleep but Annabelle got
up to make his dinner; salty
tears adorned the steaks she made him.


stirring coffee; looking out the
window; alive and well. statues
still parade the park where
girls and boys remember how to
play. remember when you used to
know to play? remember when you
had concern for games and for
making pawns from those in dresses?



it’s enough to put the bottle
down; enough to put the light from
cigarettes completely out but
not upon the skin of dear ones.
it’s enough to steal the bottle
‘way from angry hands; enough to
spray the flames with water while you
count how many times you’ve done it.


evermore remember what your
mother taught you—boys always
will be boys and girls should always
keep their hands outside their dresses.
evermore remember what your
father taught you—girls never
know to keep their hands out where you
want; remember to remind them.


take these verses; pick apart their
veins to find what makes them bleed. a
hint and recollection makes you
see the light before your eyes. now
take your thoughts and keep them picking
out what rivers when currents
flow about the land to quench the
throats of rightly tired women.


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