Words of Wisdom

[for Lizzie]
  1. Anyone who gives a child to the world in turn gives the world all of his or her sanity.
  2. Write with the mind of Eliot and the heart of Cummings. Love with the heart of Catullus and the mind of Ovid.
  3. He who has ceased to grow has ceased to be.
  4. The pursuit of happiness is happiness in and of itself.
  5. "The only thing you ever need to read to ever understand anything is The Bible, Dante, and Shakespeare." (E. B.)
  6. "You know you are in the presence of beauty when two things happen: You want to share it with others; and you want it to never die." (R. G. W.)
  7. One can never be all—One can only be One.
  8. If you're ever bored, try acting bored. You won't be bored for long.
  9. When you get to a certain age, you realize there is an end to it all. Never get to that age.
  10. Complexity is nothing more than simplicities piled on top of one another.

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