The Diminuendo on a Soap Opera

to break (not so much) to compliment
a work, a sign coming down from the rafters
to jullianne the slice of life:
a Fisher Price keyboard
replaces the piano—the history known
of history dooms us to Europe

it is salt—it is canola oil
surreal is a wind-up monkey
clanging and banging:
it's a cup of coffee to
wake up the eyes—
to jumpstart the heartbeat

a woman, a man
and baby makes too many masks
that build a dimensional wall—
a TV screen dead, white,
fuzzy and belittled
with a big bowl of popcorn

dialect stabilizes, emotion rectifies
but rhythms shake and shake
while melodies lull—
echos mash up sentiment,
deludes them through two thousand eyes
tapers them in ears

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