Dear Darling Dear

dear darling dear

three names for three times,
the pluckings from a celestial garden
where crumpled sheets lay as our soil:
we bloomed as tulips in Spring
then wilted like willows allyearround.


alone we drank champagne
and let the bubbles leap off our tongues
which made sparks in the air—
the girth of Casseopea's curved hips
held us down, held me pressed against you
until i yelped and you fell asleep


this time together we swayed
as a ship on broken seas: the bow plunged
and the stern untouched, the waves pushed
themselves upon us until we bundled up,
leaving ourselves alone to rock
until the storm settled, the clouds gathered
and rain came down


sunlight feeds our candles
and opens our eyes—the day is young
like our supple bodies, ready for picking
from the depths of speaking and soil:
the light radiates above us,
reflects off our skin and back into the sky
where now Venus sees us and smiles
at her children's fancies come alive.

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