song—folk/indie/acoustic—key of ???

sunset and the moon is rising
on the plains
we slept and dreamed of a time,
a summer in Spain
the hands on the walls and now
the stars are our friends
we sat and said to ourselves
never again

but we're here, we're gone, we're back again
like stories whose middle outweighs the end
the words are long and we don't know
what they mean
now we're alive, now we're dead, like the Old Man said:
"We're all just here, we're all just waiting for bed"
as the starlight above us grows,
it is obscene

the way the willows say is stunning
i'm hypnotized
the eyes are melting, the score remains
both synchronized
the roots are spinning, the stems and leaves dry out
in July's wake
the air's alive, it's underneath
the tempers for our sake

but we're up, we're down, we're inside out
like breezes blowing us about
the streets are long and we won't know
when they're mean
and we're high and we're low and drunk again
like the stories we tell with no end
as the starlight above us grows,
it's obscene

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