SONNET: Ifs and Ares

when the ifs become ares, Aries will become Taurus;
the sun will set over Arizona for the last time;
Juno’s thighs will open up and Hercules will emerge
like she wanted to and he will be stronger.
the twenty-four-hour day becomes three days longer;
the electric wind does more than singe and surge;
pentameter will give way and sonnets will remain unrhymed
and all of of the dactyls and spondees will become glorious.

when the ifs become ares, love will become a game of chess
where every move is tested with the brain and fingers;
the moon will slip and fall from the night sky down to Earth;
the ocean will ignite from an oil spill into a roaring hearth
as the smell of slick dead birds upon the breeze lingers:
when ifs become ares, i will finally wave to the peasants’ crests.

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