The bite boomed
throughout the entire Garden;
You would have leapt back
from the shock, had it not been
for the sweet delectable taste
in your (now aching) mouth.

You held the Fruit up to your mouth
and looked at me with wondering eyes.

But somehow still
You were not wondering
but I could tell that dearly
you knew:

You knew the bounds of the heart
that I had felt
when my teeth sank into
that gleaming Flesh;
you were able to feel a thing
outside of the bounds
of this Garden –
a longing known only by
after I tasted that
firm, supple flesh
of the Fruit.

Your breath quickened
and your lips watered,
dreaming of more flesh
of the Fruit
or mine.

You said nothing.

I grabbed your shoulder
and shook you gently.

What has befallen you,

You turned and looked at the gates
and your face was blank.

“What have I done,”
you asked,
“since my creation?
I have tilled this Garden
and cared for it
on command alone.
But now,
I know not how command
is meaningful
when this new
impassioned inclining
lingers deeply within
my being.”

I went over to you
atop the hill
and under the Tree
to look out at the Garden
with you.

Our eyes looked over this land
that God gave to us:
The greenness
and the liveliness
all seemed like nothing
now that this love
was deep within ourselves.

I turned to you
and you to me;
you grabbed my shoulders
and I your hips
and we pulled each other
until our moist lips met
in a manner never seen
in this Garden.

we pulled away,
our eyes still locked within one another’s
as our lips were before.



“My Love.”

“My Love.”

Suddenly our hands met
and we rushed from atop the hill
and down to the bushes
by the hushing river
where we spent our nights –
our breath was quicker
and my heart
was pounding deeply
as it never had before.

We moved into the clearing
by that soothing river
and quickly took to the ground
as we had before –
Only now
this was not from any command.

We entangled ourselves
within each other
and let our flesh graze over
each other’s lips –
again and again
our lips met
in moistness,
dripping of something much more sweet
than that Fruit.

Your voice grunted
and mine ached
and higher
until for once I felt
my body tense
and yours heavy with its pushing –
warmed in the cusp of daylight.

in a move so unheard of,
I grabbed your wrists
and pulled you down
to the ground,
and I climbed upon you
to (for once)

Your body was still moving,
your breath was still heavy.

I had broken you
with my body.

Time passed
and our bodies grew limp,
strained from that pushing,
that love
in the daylight
and without command.

We lied on the ground
you held me dearly
in your tired arms.

Our lips met again
and again
and again.

We knew we were no longer
among the Beasts:
we had our pleasures
and they had their command –
we evolved beyond command
and simply took our pleasures.

But with those pleasures
came something
within our bodies.

This thing we had never felt –
like love
only much more unsettling.

We looked down at our naked bodies –
still soaked with our pleasure’s sweat –
and felt unright.

You and I scurried over
to the nearest
and hid within its lush leaves
until we heard that booming
come down from above.

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