We looked up and saw the sky above turned
grey—something neither you nor I had seen
in the Garden.

The booming we heard cracked in our ears
and left us nearly deaf—
the ringing over and over again
until our ears were left dripping with blood—
a redness that you and I had never seen
inside this Garden.

I reached for you next to me in the bush,
but you had already risen
and stepped out into the clearing,
unafraid of what form we would see

I curled up on the ground, my arms grasping my aching belly,
my hands gripping my back and my knees
pushed up against my breasts—
I was rocking;
I was weeping.

I looked over to you, saw only your feet
standing uneasily upon the grass—
you were silent as I wept.

The thundering continued and you stood
still; what seems like forever passed on,
my eyes had dried
and you kept standing.

I arose
my hands were
my breath was

I pursed one arm up against my breasts
and the other hand over my nakedness—
the wind was cold, as there was no sun
with which to heat the Garden’s thermals.

My skin crawled with each blistering gust.

You stood there, letting the wind entrap your face.

I looked over at you:
your hands were placed gently over
your nakedness, your eyes were firm on the darkened sky—
your mouth made no movements.

I moved my arm from my breasts
and reached over to your hand,
which was much more calm than mine.

You entangled my fingers within yours,
then we both clenched each other’s
as the sky opened up
and a blinding light came beaming down.

We ran back into the bush
and hid, peering through to the clearing—
still shaking.

Adoshem appeared from the beam—
his face was stern,
but his voice remained unraised.

“Adam, Eve:
Where are you?”

You began to step forward
but I pushed you back with an uneasy hand.

“We are here, Adoshem.”

He looked me over as you emerged from the bush;
His eyes still on me.

“Why were you hiding?”

I could tell that He knew;
He just wanted us to admit
our shame.

“We were hiding because we are naked, my Lord.”

He looked over at you,
now standing next to me.

“How did you know you were naked?”

I looked over at you, covering yourself still—
my hands were doing the same on myself—
and we both looked down until you lifted your head
to Adoshem.

“My Lord . . . ”

“I know what you have done.”

We both fell to our knees
and began to weep bitterly.

Our mouths inhaled the grass
as our breath pushed harshly from our chests;
our fingered curled around the earth
in our last attempt to stay a part
of this Garden.

You rose your eyes back up to Adoshem.

“The Serpent – he was here and he spoke . . . ”

His voice raised and boomed over the Garden;
the leaves shook on the trees and the birds
took to the sky in fright.

“The Serpent is none of you concern!
He has been dealt with—
he is now the lowest of all of the beasts
as I have forced him to crawl on his belly
for all of time.

“But you, my Creations,
have failed me!
I gave you all this Garden
and all of the pleasures that you could take in
while asking only one thing from you—
and you failed me!”

I arose quickly as you stayed on the ground,
I ran up to Adoshem
and looked at Him in his deep
entrancing eyes—
He reminded me of the Serpents,
only I feared His more.

“My Lord,
think not Adam responsible for this,
for I tempted him—
I am the one who gave him the Fruit
and I am the one who first fell
to the Serpent’s advances.

“I am the one who fell.”

“You both fell!”

His words burned my face harshly.

“You both disobeyed me,
you both betrayed me,
and you both let your temptations
rule over your reason;
for this, I must banish you
from the Garden.”

You looked up at me next to Adoshem
and I looked back at you
as our eyes watered again.

This place—
our home—
gone from our grasps.

Our bodies would never again feel
the grass below
and our throats would never again be quenched
by the cooling rivers which flow softly
in the Garden.

Adoshem looked over to the gates
and they opened,
showing us the bleakness of life
outside of our sheltering walls.

God’s voice calmed itself again
but remained firm.


So you rose, still sobbing
and came up to me.

We bowed our heads to Adoshem
then began the
toward the gate.

As we walked side by side
you reached over
and grabbed my hand.

They remained locked in one another
until the gate closed behind us.

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