On My Way

a song originally written when I was fourteen and trying to be Jim Morrisonrevised with as much as I could remember

I'm driving down the highway
the California sun and waves
are all I have
There's a full tank of gas
And some coffee on the dash,
But I just laugh
I'm going down the coast
To see my baby's most
Sexy stare
I can hear the ocean break
And all in all I want to take
A breath of air

Baby, I'm on my way.
Baby, I'm on my way.

I've got a bungalow down in Venice
And, if the moon will let us
We'll save tonight
This highway's gettin' cold
And this car is far too old
To drive me right
But I'll face the asphalt day
Just on the chance I may
Hold you soon
So as I drive by ocean sand
With my cigarette in hand
I'll sing this tune

Baby, wait for me.
Baby, wait for me.

This drive is getting long
But the radio's still on
I can hear your name
The road is quiet as the sun
Rises from the dawn
As I do the same.

Baby, I'm on my way.
Baby, I'm on my way.

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