let's see where this takes us—

let's see where this takes us—
this early-morning love:

i awoke speaking sweet somethings into your ear

i want the world to be jealous
of everything that we do in this bed.
i want god to look down upon us
and remember all of the beautiful things
he has made.

my hands over back and shoulders, brushing your hair
out of your face on the offchance that you
would wake up and kiss me
(like you never do - you always just fall
right back to sleep)

i love your lipsi love your shoulders
i want mine on yours; we won't have two anymore
because they'll be one:
our four will become one

the sunlight shifts through the blinds
and reflects in your lightened hair;
i can see the little specks of dust in the air
rest upon your forehead
which i ride up to
to kiss

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