(though i have never seen the ocean) i dream of one day

(though i have never seen the ocean) i dream of one day
bathing you in saline waves and letting the foam
collide and dissipate on your back; the little bubbles
poppoppoppop until there is nothing but a glimmering sheen
on sliding down your smooth pale flesh

my hand will ride over your body, the water will grace
all of the little flecks of skin and the stiff peaks
of your breasts: they form a valley through which
warm crisp waters flow, a canyon traversed only by
yours and my pressing fingers

your dripping thighs will be caressed by mine;
rubbing over one another's as the ocean breeze
cools them down from their carnal burning and shaping
over one another's - the rocks between our toes are nothing
compared to the firmness of their passions

our lips are one with the waters: the moistness blending
and mixing until we do not know whose waters are
whose; still we wait to see how long it will take
for our lips to fill in the ocean waters
(which i have never seen)

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