Seeing Ralph Williams Outside of UMMA

      today the LORD appeared to me again:
how Adoshem did float above the ground
while seeking holy children which to pass
His blessings; Nature laid a path for Him
of roses, cattails, dewy grass and sun
the flora cushioned both His leaping feet
and rays moved on to kiss His aging face;
although His face grew old in dire time,
His hands made gusts that underlined the shear
untidy winds that reap the Earth of seeds
which He then put inside the ground to bloom.
      an angel there accompanied the LORD;
she spoke to Him to understand his Word—
the flailing pleas to His sweet babe and all
to never let His beauty willingly
become a corpse while at the hands of Man—
she smiled as His lips begat the praise
of what His men have made in grueling sweat
and thought, which understanding leads throughout
the world that He has made in booming voice.
      His grin denied the sins of mortal Death
which tempts His children with its brutal means;
but when He bore his teeth to tempters' eyes,
the evil sees the World Utopian—
a paradise created within time
that Adoshem has made with every verse
and every undulation from His tongue.
      resisting urges pulsing in my soul,
i strolled on by, pretending not to see,
pretending not to want to run and kiss
His face by means of holy praise and love—
instead i placed desires to my lips
and kissed my Love, His best creation.

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