O, My Love, behold our Earth
which we have left
all those years ago:

The lushness of the green that we knew
so very well
has been replaced by dryness—
grey, brown, black—
and the air we breathed so crisply
has been tainted with smog and thick
blinding smoke—
our eyes can only take so much
of the haze.

The Garden we adored so much
Is now nothing:
Its gates and walls fell
as Adoshem struck His fist upon our land
and stripped the Garden of all of it’s green—
if His creations could not keep it,
then no one on this Earth would be worthy.

As you and I look down now
we cannot help but pine for the beauty which we felt
and took in with our eyes and mouths:
The succulent growings from the Earth
and the waters that flowed and dripped so coolly
down our throats.

We left the Garden,
we lived our lives
(had our sons, one more holy than the other),
moved about the Earth and found a land
to be our new Garden,
through not nearly as glorious as that of Adoshem’s.

Though it was His, it was ours.

For the first (and only) time, we felt the sting
of death—
you fell first and I wept,
for the one who was my Temptation was gone
and I had known no Earth—
Garden or otherwise—
without you.

Then I fell, too.

For the first time since leaving the Garden
I saw a blinding light
and remembered it dearly to be
but this light was far brighter than before,
as you stood there beside Him, ready to greet me
with your loving arms and your tender lips.

When we asked Adoshem why
we deserved to spend eternity with Him
after our transgression.

He told us that it was because of love:

Love is the reason we fell, but our love
made the Earth a new Garden—
more vast, more encompassing,
more dear than any sensual pleasures He could have made
in the Garden itself.

Our love made the Earth ours.

Our love made His Earth ours.

As we looked down upon the Earth
we say it so:
Lovers embracing and mothers and fathers
kissing their babies on the forehead,
man holding his fellow man up
in times of dread – O my Love,
we did so much!

These sights
were so much brighter
than the flesh of the Fruit
and a thousand times sweeter.

We vowed to keep our eyes on this Earth
as our Eden is no Eden
without each other,
and this Earth became our Eden—
as we moved,
Eden moved with us
to all, man and woman.

So, my Love, join me
as I implore those who today inhabit
our Earth:

Keep the Earth an Eden
with love.


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